All of our e-liquid is made fresh to order. We do not have huge batches manufactured and let sit until someone orders. This results in the freshest e-liquid on the market. While this means our juice won't expire on you in a few months, this also results in a very fresh and immature juice. 
We suggest that all customers steep their fresh e-liquid bottles to enhance flavor and allow the juice to fully mature to its maximum potential. While not every flavor of e-liquid needs steeping and is ready to vape right out of the box, all experienced vapors know that all e-liquids can benefit from steeping and storage in cool, dry & dark places. 
How to Steep my juice - 
To get the must robust and best tasting juice, steeping should occur. Customers should take their new bottle of e-liquid home and open the cap and tip. Then leave open in a cool, dry & dark place overnight. The next day, close bottle and shake vigorously. This allows any volatile flavor chemicals to evaporate and the mixture to begin the oxidation process.